DeWitt before de winter

As the winter goes on (and on), some among us are noticing every day the lack of green on the trees, and waiting impatiently for spring to begin showing itself in farmer’s market produce. We at Behind the Book are acutely aware that such an outlook is a privilege, not common among the city youth we work with. Which is why we help run an annual sustainability seminar in the Bronx’s DeWitt Clinton High School. In the dead of winter, as we look forward to Spring, let’s also look back on the fall session of this year’s WITT seminar, and see what fruits it bore.

Last spring, seminar students began a community garden at DeWitt Clinton, run entirely by students, with the aide and guidance of WITT seminar leader and our Teacher of the Year, Ray Pultinas. This fall, students harvested the garden’s first ever yield, and in early November, chef and restaurateur Bill Telepan visited them to show them what to do with it.

Bill Telepan at DeWitt Cliton High School

Bill Telepan talks food

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