Back to School News

We’re excited to announce our partnership with two new schools this year, PS 98 in Inwood and EBC High School for Public Service in Bushwick.

At PS 98, we’ll be working with a kindergarten, 1st grade, and 4th grades our first year.  The principal and teachers seem to be particularly dedicated and came in to meet with us after school had ended with suggestions and ideas.  What a great way to begin the school year.  Welcome to Behind the Book, PS 98!
Our first meeting at EBC High School took place in the library, which had a warm, welcoming vibe. During our meeting we spotted an impressive display of books by some of our BTB authors, including Rita Williams-Garcia and Matt de la   Peña.
The students seemed very comfortable peppering the librarian with questions and asking for book suggestions and the teachers were enthused about our programs. We’ve already added a forth program and couldn’t ask for a better beginning for us. EBC is committed to creating avid readers for life, and Behind the Book is excited to help make that happen.
We’re already looking forward to the fall to begin working with the students, teachers and principals of these wonderful schools!

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