Indiegogo Campaign Success!


A few weeks ago we set up an indiegogo campaign to help us fund three student books for three of our classrooms. We reached out to our supporters and asked you guys to help us give our kids the gift of being a published author, and you answered our call. We extend a special thank you to everyone who helped us accomplish our goal, some of who are listed below!

Quincy O’Neal, Weihui Lu, Isabel Gonzalez, Elias Marenco, Sochieta Moth, Dan Green, Matthew Brennan, Kira O’Grady, Carolee Mitchell, Marianne Recher, Michelle Velasquez, Ramesh Balachandran, Adam Schulman, Adam Agata, Jason Chen, Dhisty Saridjo, Quincy O’Neal,  Weihui Lu,  Isabel Gonzalez,  Elias Marenco, Angela Mathews and more!

With your generous contributions, students from PS 241 will receive professionally designed and printed anthologies of the work their did in our programs with authors Kam Mak, Isabel Hill, and Tony Medina.


Kam Mak, author of My Chinatown, taught 3rd grade students about the Chinese cultural traditions, foods, clothes, toys and most importantly CANDY found his childhood neighborhood- Chinatown. After reading his book, taking a field trip to Chinatown and doing independent research, students wrote essays comparing the differences and similarities between Chinese and American culture.


Isabel Hill’s book, Urban Animals, taught 1st grade students all about the architectural details that can found on the facade of buildings all over New York City. Students learned architectural terms and honed their photography skills, then took photographs of details on their school building. They also had the opportunity to write about what they chose to photograph and why.


Tony Medina helped students ignite their latent poet through his book, DeShawn Days, A story written in poems about the life of a NYC kid. Students then wrote poems about themselves and where they were from, both literally and figuratively.

We will be producing these books over the summer and giving them out to students at the beginning of the school year in September. Stay tuned to see photos from our book publishing celebrations later in the year!


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