Look Up! It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a…Dentil?


After reading Urban Animals by Isabel T. Hill, 1st graders of PS 241 honed their photography skills and applied the new architectural terms that they learned while exploring their world outside. Before heading to take photos, they had the opportunity to review new terms and ask some astute questions which luckily, we were able to answer. For example:

“The book I saw was seven dollars and ninety-five cents…why is that price so high?”

Well, the books are that price because the publisher sets them, but you get to have copies for free!

Armed with all the right answers, they worked together to record their photographs and jot down their observations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Isabel guided them throughout their adventure, using her SLR camera to shoot far-reaching corners of buildings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Students later proudly showed their work to their writing mentors, Isabel, and their teachers! To view their awesome photographs and writing in person, stop by BOSI Contemporary for our Student Pop-Up Art Show on June 17th!



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