A Warm, Southern Hello To Ring In Fall 2013

Well hi there everyone,

Is it that time of year already? *Whew* time flies. As the heat of our NYC summer begins to fade, we here at Behind the Book are gearing up for the start of what is bound to be our busiest year thus far. With so much to cover, I wanted to take a quick moment to jump in and introduce the new voice behind the keyboard, or in other words, me- Lindsey Hall- the Fall 2013 Social Media Marketing Intern:

Intro picc

(Ah yes, there I am- my first lovely evening here in New York City.)

As a recent English Lit graduate, I set sail for The Big Apple, cowboy boots in tow, after migrating from the Lone Star state of Texas where, yes indeed, there does happen to be quite a lot of these:


(Images courtesy of Anthony and Brandon from Class 5-502 at P.S. 376)

Having now officially nestled into my cozy apartment in Brooklyn, (and by nestled, I mean cramped between the irrational amount of clothes, books, Altoid tins, and other miscellaneous items I originally deemed “too important” to leave behind) I look forward to sharing and promoting Behind the Book’s fantastic mission of combining authors with low-income students to build literacy skills and a new generation of book readers, such as myself.

I first began cultivating my passion for reading as a wee little girl, when after bouncing aimlessly around the house one night (and no doubt taunting my little brother as well), my father, in an exasperated attempt, handed me a first edition copy of this:

Archie Comics

“Try it,” he said. “I used to read this stuff all the time growing up, and it always put me right to sleep.”

Voilà. And like magic, I was hooked. With over 120 issues of Archie and the gang stored away in my childhood closet, the elation I felt at discovering that Archie Comics author, Alex Simmons, has participated in several of Behind the Book’s programs propelled me to reach out for this Fall 2013 Internship.

I could not be happier to be here, to both watch and experience the profound effect I know these authors have on children who might otherwise not have the opportunity to create a written voice for themselves. I look forward to what this semester has in store, and to sharing it with all of “y’all,” as well. (I promise to lose the accent along the way!)

Cheers to starting off this year with a bang, and I know we here at Behind the Book cannot wait to showcase what these kids can do when given a pen, a piece of paper, and an author and teacher dedicated to helping them strengthen their voice.


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