How One Intern Took Her Experience to the Next Level

Last Saturday, our Program Intern Stephanie Rosenfeld, hosted a Behind the Book fundraiser at her family’s house in the Hamptons.

Along with Executive Director Jo Umans, Stephanie organized a reading of author Jessica Soffer‘s new novel, Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots for almost thirty of their friends and family members.


In the picture above, Stephanie poses with the book and the apricot treats she created for the event.

Stephanie says she was motivated to organize the event because, after interning with Behind the Book this summer and getting hands-on experience working with us, she became very passionate about increasing our success. Stephanie first heard about all the great work Behind the Book does from board member Staci Barber, who is a family friend. Staci’s experience working with Behind the Book inspired Stephanie, who wants to become a special education teacher for elementary school students.

In order to prepare for the event, Stephanie tweeted and emailed several authors until she found Jessica, who agreed to do the event. After securing Jessica’s appearance, Stephanie went through her mother’s address book and contacted everyone she knew who would be interested. “The biggest challenge was getting people to reply to emails!” Stephanie joked.

In addition to organizing the author’s visit and the guests, Stephanie handled all of the food and drinks. She dappled in drink-making, and came out with an apricot-infused champagne, which featured apricot slices in full champagne flutes. The biggest hit of the day, however, were the dried apricots Stephanie gave out as party favors, as a nod to the book’s title – some were chocolate dipped!

We’re very grateful to Stephanie for hosting this event, and consider ourselves lucky to have attracted such quality summer interns!


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