Who’s Behind the Book? – Meet Ellen!


This is Ellen Brown, our Student Book Coordinator.

This year, we published hundreds of copies of student-written works, and this wouldn’t have been possible without Ellen. In her role as Student Book Coordinator, Ellen has spent countless hours advising and copy editing the work of each professional book designer to create high quality, polished books of which every student can be proud.

Ellen’s addition to the Behind the Book team has significantly improved the process by which we create our books. Along with Sara Reynolds, former Art Director at Dutton Children’s Books, Ellen recruited several professional book designers, and worked closely with them to create beautiful books that supported the themes with which each student book dealt. In the picture above, Ellen is posing with all of the books she helped coordinate and design.

Behind the Book now works with designers from Chicago, Florida, and England, as well as several in the New York area. Each student in all of our programs receives a copy of his or her own book, as do the teachers, principals, and classroom libraries. Ellen’s work has ensured that each student will feel proud, accomplished, and motivated to read and enjoy books by the time the publishing party comes around.

If you are a professional book designer or a design student with InDesign experience and would like to design student books for us this fall, contact Ellen at ellen@behindthebook.org. Check out the books we completed this year here on our website.


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