CHAH Senior Jose and the Supernatural

Many of our older students, like many young adult readers, are very into the supernatural. They read all sorts of stories about vampires and werewolves, and their interactions – romantic or otherwise – with those unequipped with fangs and super strength.

It’s no different for CHAH senior Jose. As you read last week, Jose is one student who has taken his experience at Behind the Book to the next level. In addition to making the most out of his time in the program, he has expanded his experience by writing in his free time. During our interview with him last Monday, Jose spoke quite a bit about the reasons behind his preference for the supernatural.

“Everything around me is boring,” he explained. “So, in my stories, I try to create a new society, one where everyone has something cool or different about them. Which usually ends up being different superpowers.”

Last week’s excerpt, taken from Jose short story “World of Truix,” is a great example of his efforts to make each of his characters unique. However, in this week’s excerpt, from the story Jose considers to be his crowning achievement as of yet, he has taken his combined passion for writing and his love of the supernatural  to the next level – and written a short story about vampires living in a society of werewolves. Cleverly entitled, “Were the Last,” the story follows the vampiric leader, Neroy, who is sieged by werewolves on the eve of his crowning as leader of the vampires. You can read an excerpt of his work below.

I remember that day perfectly. It was the day before my crowning as lord.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m going to be the best lord there has ever been,” I said.

“Yah yah yah, we all know that you’re going to be the best lord but I want to see whats going to happen when the wolves attack. What will you do then?” said my advisor Renox.

“I will lead our people and kill them all. I will send them into the abyss that they all crawled out of years ago.”

“Yah, if it was that easy we would have killed them all a long time ago. Plus there are way to many of them to kill, my idea is to keep them as pets. A couple dogs to fetch our food and drinks.” said Renox

“Ha-ha if that’s the case then I want a Rizzer since I eat a lot.”

That day; I remember it so perfectly. My happy, innocent face. I didn’t expect anything to happen that day, but that night my life would change forever.

 It was about midnight when I was awakened. RAWWR! They battle cries of wolves were coming from all over the place. The cries weren’t the usual ones though, they sounded more united. As if they were fighting as one.


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