Behind the Book and DECLARE YOUR STYLE!

We have an exciting announcement – and a chance for you to help Behind the Book excite even more kids about reading.

Our friend Danielle Bernstein, blogger at WE WORE WHAT, has been chosen to represent the US in a global Forever 21 contest, DECLARE YOUR STYLE, in which the participants will style three unique back-to-school outfits. The winner of the contest, which will hold its voting through Facebook, will receive $10,000 from Forever 21 to donate to their favorite charity.

Danielle designated Behind the Book as her favorite charity – and this is where you all come in!

Beginning Thursday, August 1st, Danielle will post pictures of her first style on WE WORE WHAT. The second style will appear on Thursday, August 8th, and the third and final style will be posted on Thursday, August 15th. At the bottom of the post will be a link to a Facebook poll, where viewers and supporters may vote for Danielle and Behind the Book.

Here’s the catch – you can only vote once on each style. That’s once between 8/1 and 8/7, once between 8/8 and 8/14, and once between 8/15 and 8/21, the contest’s end date.

You can also vote for us by using this link.

Please vote for WE WORE WHAT so that Behind the Book can continue to motivate young people to become engaged readers by connecting them to contemporary writers and illustrators.


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