Who’s Behind the Book? – Meet Nirav!

This is Nirav Shah, the Advising Chairman on our Young Executive Board.

Nirav has done some pretty incredible things during his three-year tenure as the acting chair of our YEB. Outside of his job as a litigation associate at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLC, Nirav has devoted a great portion of his time to Behind the Book. He originated the role of chairman of the YEB, and helped organize such events as the Behind Brooklyn Scavenger Hunt, which more than surpassed our donation expectations.

On the scavenger hunt, Nirav says that even though it was his idea, its success was due in large part to the enthusiasm of both the other members of the YEB and the Brooklyn bookstore owners who offered up their stores for the event. Nirav’s initial intent in setting the scavenger hunt in Brooklyn was to unite book lovers and the literature-laden culture that saturates much of Brooklyn, and South Brooklyn in particular. Setting it in Brooklyn also allowed Behind the Book to develop important contact with people who share our love of books and passion for literacy.

The scavenger hunt was one of Nirav’s fondest memories of his tenure at Behind the Book. As he says, the event allowed “people to make connections to language and literature” in the same way that Behind the Book builds the connection between the students we work with and the books they read. It was a great way to thematically promote Behind the Book’s central mission.

Nirav also helped institute a shift in the make up of our YEB, from the traditional organization with a single chair and several board members, to a new organization, with co-chairs, chairs-in-training, and advising chairs. Nirav is the first Advising Chairman of the YEB.

In the future, Nirav looks most forward to taking a backseat in the workings of the YEB – as he says, the YEB is filled with a variety of incredible people who work in a diverse array of industries. As they each bring something new and innovative to the table, he is excited to see how the YEB develops and continues to discover new ways of promoting Behind the Book.

His support for Behind the Book extends even farther than his commitment to the YEB Chair position. At [name of event], Nirav pledged to match any and all donations made by his friends, and ended up raising over [amount of money] for us.

In addition to being an incredible asset to Behind the Book, Nirav is an accomplished trivia fanatic – he was a three-day champion on Jeopardy! and won a significant amount of money on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?


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