Giving Voice to Dreams

Our Dreams by Class 2-210 at PS 76


Time for a book celebration!

Recently, the second-grade students at PS 76 worked with Renée Watson, author of Harlem’s Little Blackbird, to write their own stories about their dreams and aspirations. At first, the students were nervous to read aloud to the class, but with gentle encouragement from Behind the Book founder Jo Umans, all of the students faced their fears and expressed their dreams. After working with Watson and the Behind the Book staff to revise their stories, the student created illustrations corresponding to their written work. Our Dreams is the final product of the second-graders’ hard work and creativity.

But what’s a book celebration? Behind the Book strives to not only improve the students’ literacy but also boost their confidence. The process of publishing a book demonstrates mastery in reading and writing, and book release parties instill a sense of accomplishment in students. As a result, students are more likely to continue reading and writing in the future.


 The second-graders were thrilled to view their work. Each piece was completely unique. Some students wanted to be teachers and veterinarians, while others opted for riskier routes (think ninjas!).

Students compared their original work to the published book and noted how professional it looked.


One student slid into the “Author’s Chair” and flipped through the anthology.


Congratulations to the second grade class at P.S. 76! We know your new found love for reading and writing will carry you far!



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