PS 46 Book Celebrations!

by Danielle Charpentier, Program Intern

A subway ride to Brooklyn with nearly fifty books in tow? Time for book celebrations!

Behind the Book creates published books for all classes that complete programs. Each book includes a table of contents and title, copyright, and dedication pages. But what is the purpose of the published book? Significant research indicates that when students view their own work, their confidence grows. Behind the Book students have achieved mastery in writing and drawing, which motivates them to pursue those activities further.

The book celebrations took place at PS 46 located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, in Jessica Lischin and Miriam Bowen’s second grade classrooms. A couple of weeks ago, each class welcomed Douglas Florian to present his book Poetrees, which includes an array of poems and illustrations based on plant life. Inspired by his book, the rest of the students composed poems and sketched drawings. One second-grade student gushed, “It was so exciting and so special that he came here.” Another exclaimed, “I had a fun and special day!” Miriam Bowen stated that the students were “so excited to meet the person behind the name on the book.”

Yesterday, as Micaela Gutierrez handed out the books, the students were enthralled to see their own hard work right before their eyes. One student named Destiny explained that the entire experience was “a little bit hard, but fun.” Another student named Dalila explain, “It makes me want to learn more.” Esmerelda gushed, “I learned to rhyme. I like writing now.” Evidently, the book celebration was a success. Hopefully, the students will hone their skills over the summer and embark on the quest of becoming life-long readers and writers.

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