Some of our student books have arrived!

by Jenna Danoy, Social Media Marketing Intern


From left to right, we have A Search to Ancient Maya: A Time Travel Mystery by Class 501 at PS 76, Remember the Time by Class 4-302 at CS 21, and Third Grade Wonderful Biographies by Classes 3-300 and 3-302, also at PS 76.

The fifth graders at PS 76 worked with author Elizabeth Levy to create an awesome time-travel mystery book, complete with beautiful illustrations. They read her book Danger and Diamonds, the magnificent tale of Phillipa, a mystery enthusiast who gets a chance to be her own mystery novel hero.

The fourth graders at CS 21 met with author Doreen Rappaport to create thematic biographies. Each student also created a portrait of their biography subject to accompany their writing. They read Ms. Rappaport’s Helen Keller’s Big World: The Life of Helen Keller, which is a thematic biography about the titular character.

The third graders at PS 76 worked with author Andrea Davis Pinkney to write biographies of their favorite famous people. The students read Ms. Pinkney’s Alvin Ailey, a biography about the titular character, and  learned how to decide what is important to include in a biography.

There will be more books to come shortly! All of our celebrations take place next week, and we are very excited to share in the  fun!

If you volunteered with any of our programs and would like to attend your class’s celebration, please contact your program supervisor!


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