Sneak Peek: War: the Changes within Our World by Chelsea

War: The Changes within Our World
Chelsea P.
Mr Dickhudt’s 11th grade class

What if one day you woke up and all around you there are gunshot noises and the cries of “help” coming from your neighbor’s house? What if you did not know when you were going to see your family again, or if your child was going to return home “broken” physically or mentally? Thoughts like this run through hundreds and thousands even millions of people every day. From the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan to the streets that we walk every day, people are widely and directly affected by the Iraqi wars. These people include our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and pretty much everyone. The war even affects our economy and work ethic!

Even if we cannot see the changes directly in our community, America was, and still is, greatly affected by these wars. Many soldiers return home either physically or mentally damaged, or even both. Often times these soldiers return home and are a misfit in society considering the disabilities they have gained. One of these disabilities is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Veterans with PTSD are often jumpy and paranoid which means they cannot work common jobs, or even walk alone in the streets for fear of being attacked or having a mental breakdown. In an article called “Post-Traumatic Stress’s Surprisingly Positive Flip Side” we are shown the ups and downs of PTSD. “I was dealing with post-traumatic stress, anger all the emotions, the ups and downs, the physical, emotional, physical pain, I was really angry. I wanted to get healed and get back into the fight” Said Sgt. Jeffrey Beltran who is one of the many who suffer from PTSD. Although there are facilities to help these people it is hard to recuperate and recover after going through such an unpleasant experience such as war…

Not only is the war physically and mentally damaging but it takes an economic toll on society as well. Many veterans are left without homes and families to support them and have no jobs to keep them on track. Without the proper wean back into society, veterans are stuck homeless and jobless. They don’t have financial aid and a lot of families cannot support their beloved veterans leaving them once again homeless. Their emotional damages make the veterans unable to connect with society and the physical damages leave them unable to work the jobs that are available. This means they cannot make money and contribute to any economic growth, instead decreasing the economic value of America by increasing the unemployment rate.

Overall the wars influences on society are very powerful. Whether it is a physical, mental, emotional, or even economic toll, both our community and the overseas communities are affected. Its lasting impacts leave families …torn apart and financially unstable. Although the issues are not very prevalent they exist and are a growing burden. Maybe the only way to stop these issues from spreading is to stop the war all together.

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