Sneak Peek: Last Bite by Kiana

Last Bite
Kiana D.
Mrs. Quinton’s 10th grade class

“Ethan! What’s the matter?”

…it’s as though I just met the love of my life. She immediately accepted me for who and what I am, no questions asked…

“What’s the deal with you today?” said my younger sister Caroline.

I continued to gaze out the window at the snow forming piles of white dust on the tree branches. It was a gloomy night.  Why did this happen to me? I’ve made mistakes before but this by far has been the worst. If I could take it all back, I’d do it in half a heartbeat. If I could re-do what happened that night, I’d…

“Ethan! What’s the matter?!” repeated Caroline interrupting my thoughts again.

Honestly, I have no more words in me. Just thoughts.

…How could I have done something so stupid? Not only am I infuriated with myself, I feel hopeless.  Not only am I putting myself down, I’m putting those around me down as well.

I can’t help it though. I’m miserable. Pathetic….

I answered her in the most blunt way possible. “I’ve done something bad Caroline”.

She opened her mouth to answer.

I interrupted quickly and said “Monstrous. Violent”.

I darted out the room. I needed air. I needed .. her..

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