Sneak Peek: Don’t Ride by Erasmo

Don’t Ride
Erasmo C.
Mrs. Quinton’s 10th grade class

…Rushing down the long crowded snake hill was Ray and John first. I told them I would go last. Suddenly I see John Jump off the ground and over the stairs and does a 180 on the air and lands it and out of nowhere I see Ray do a short spin and lands it as well. They were waiting for me at the end of the hill, then I realize that is my turn now. Sweat starts to fall out from the sides of my head. My entire body was shaky. I go down the snake hill really fast. It was like a moment of silence, all I can hear was the wind streaming threw my ears. I was trying my best to concentrate but as I’m getting closer to the stairs I get a bad feeling in my stomach as if I know something is about to go wrong.

Out of nowhere when I go for the jump, the back wheel hits the rail of the stairs and made me slip. I crashed into the window of a parked car and fractured my elbow. I can remember just hearing the sound of the bone snap, and the sound of the car window breaking. Everybody in the streets seemed amused when I flipped off the bike. I turn to find Ray and John but they were already on the other side of the streets, laughing and pointing, and booking it down the sidewalk on their bikes…

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