Sneek Peak: Missing Puzzle Piece by Anabel

Missing Puzzle Piece 

Anabel V.
Mr. Dickhudt’s 10th grade class


Never in my life did I think I would wake up early in the morning to such a thing.


Another loud thumping on the door, louder screams from the neighbors, more cries and more sirens outside in the streets. Who would have thought that all of this would be happening right at my own door? I knew something bad would eventually happen after all that I have been through but I never imagined being awakened at six in the morning by dozens of cops.

I should have known better. Sheesh, I feel stupid for ever listening to my cousin Michael. I roll over and notice that my little sister Karina is next to me. I totally forgot that she slept over the night prior. I get up from the bed and go to the door. The entire house is dark and all I can see are the cop lights reflecting through the windows and shinning on the walls. I lean up against the door to look through the peephole even though I already know who it is. It’s the cops.

“Shit meng” I say out loud to myself…

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