Sneak Peek! New High School Short Stories

As regular readers of this blog have no doubt realized, we are incredibly proud of the work being done by the 10th and 11th grade students in our programs CHAH.  Ms. Quinton, Ms. Charles-Harris, and Mr. Dickhudt’s 10th grade classes wrote short stories with Matt de la Pena (master of revision). Meanwhile, Mr. Dickhudt’s 11th graders learned about investigative journalism and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with Purple Heart author Patricia McCormick, Gold Star Mom Emily Toro and Gulf War vet Omar Merino, and  NY Times correspondent Ray Rivera.

We just received the final drafts of the student work from both programs, and we were completely floored by how far the students have come in improving their writing! So, starting today and continuing for the next few weeks, we will be featuring excerpts from both short story and investigative journalism pieces written by the high schoolers at CHAH. We hope that you’re as impressed by the students’ work as we are!

Selection from “Alley-Oop” by Adonis, 10th Grade

“Derrick, you do realize that 1 out of 100 Dominican basketball players actually make it to the NBA, so you better have a back up plan!”

“So wha chu sayin’? I don’t got no talent? What I’m not beast on the court?”

“You are missing the point Papi, it’s not just about being talented, it is about being the best and if you aren’t the best, then you should just forget it”.

That was the last day I ever spoke to my Pops about being a professional basketball player. I figured there was no point in talking; I just had to show him that my dreams weren’t just a figment of my imagination but foreshadowing my future.

After two years of waking up early, the humdrum of rigorous practice, and being the seniors’ bitch for the past few seasons, it was finally my time to shine. I am a senior now- that means more chicks, that means mad love from the little homies, and best of all NBA Scouts.

“It’s time,” the coach calls us in to the locker, and I start feeling butterflies in my stomach, all hyped.

“Are you guys ready!?”


“So let’s go out there and KICK some ASS”.


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