Field Trip! Second graders visit their pen pals

Our programs are unique opportunities to enrich students’ understanding of the world while improving their reading and writing skills. In that spirit, last week, Mr. Braverman’s second grade class from PS 46 joined author Susanna Pitzer at the Kateri Residence nursing home to meet their pen pals for the first time!

It was an exciting day of crafts and camaraderie; a great time was had by all. Check out the great photos, as well as Susanna’s heartwarming letter to the class about the trip.

Dear Mr. Braverman, Andrew, Anthony, Antwan, Carli, Joemy, Leroy, Natequan, Omari, R’Meek, Zamia, Zavon, Ms. Outlaw, and Ms. Wiggins,

Thank you all so much for coming to visit us at Kateri Residence yesterday.

All your pen pal friends were so happy to see you!!!!! They had a lot fun. They loved hearing you read. They enjoyed talking with you and working on art projects, and they were grateful for and impressed with the gifts that you made.

I was very proud of every one of you. I was so pleased with how well you interacted with your pen pal friends. You made their day much better and mine, too. : ))
I’m always happier when I see you all.

I’ve known most of you for many months now. I can’t get over how every time I see you, your reading skills are stronger, your drawing and art skills improve, how you are growing up to be such kind, wonderful, and valuable members of the community. Yesterday, I was able to see you all in action — you were truly making life better for other people by your attention and kindness to them.

Thank you so much for that.

Antwan and Leroy,
It was so nice to meet you. You are a terrific addition to this great group of people. : ))

I can’t wait to see you all again!!!

Your friend,


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