Field Trip! CS 21 Second Graders Take Architectural Walking Tour


A student points out an architectural detail to author Isabel Hill

Yesterday, CS 21 second graders took a walking tour of their neighborhood in search of architectural gems. Accompanied by Urban Animals author Isabel Hill, the students put their knowledge of architectural terms to the test, and discovered what stories the buildings in their neighborhoods had to tell.


A volunteer supervises her pair as they practice using the camera in the classroom.

The day began with BtB teaching artist Barbara Korein demonstrating how to use digital cameras. After a practice round in the classroom, the students were paired up, matched with a volunteer and a camera, and they were on their way!

The tour stopped at several buildings near the school which Isabel had scoped out; the students took turns photographing architectural details and writing down their observations. The buildings, which most of the students walk by each day, were far more interestingly detailed than they had ever noticed before. Before long, they wanted to stop at each building they passed!


Next up, the students will write polished pieces based on their notes and photographs from today to be compiled into a published book. We can’t wait to see the final project!  Want to come on our next classroom visit?  Sign up to volunteer by emailing

Special thanks to the Edelman Community Grant Program for their support!


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