Coming Soon: Reading Recomendations from BtB Authors

Access to literature is a fundamental part of creating readers for life and, in that spirit, we donate hundreds of books each year to our partner schools. Most of those books go directly to the students in our programs, and we usually donate an additional 5-10 books to the classroom or school’s library. But at the Community Health Academy of the Heights (CHAH), we didn’t stop there.

CHAH was located, at the time, in an overcrowded building on 182nd Street, and it had no library at all. So we took it upon ourselves to make sure these students had access to free books and outfitted CHAH with their own mobile library cart. It was a hit! As Paul Griffin recounted at our 10th anniversary fundraiser, it was so popular that books were disappearing from the shelves.

Since the inception of the mobile library two years ago, the school has moved to a new building, the cart has a permanent home, and so we’re donating over 150 more new books to celebrate.  We started with all the books by BtB authors currently running programs in the school: Matt de la Pena, Paul Griffin, and Patty McCormick. Then we asked the authors, “What books inspired you?” and combined those with the ones that had inspired us over the years in our programs. The final result is a treasure trove of great books, from the classics to recently published teen-lit gems, and we want to share them with you.

Check out our blog all this week for recommendations from the CHAH library and celebrate new books with us!


2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Reading Recomendations from BtB Authors

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