New Student Book: Knowing Our Neighborhood

We just received a copy of the amazing new book Knowing Our Neighborhood by Ms. Moncada’s 3rd grade class at PS 376! Check out the preface, below, and keep an eye out next week because we’ll be posting excerpts of the beautiful student work.

Kam Mak shared his award-winning book, ‘My Chinatown’, a memoir of growing up in New York City’s Chinatown with third graders in Bushwick, Brooklyn…

On a field trip, the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Chinatown came alive for the children as they explored Kam’s childhood neighborhood. The children visited shops, sampled Chinese candies, feasted on dim sum, and listened to spoken Chinese.

Back in Bushwick, the students walked along Knickerbocker Avenue, using their senses to observe life in their own neighborhood. From the local McDonald’s to a popular park and pizzeria, the students took notes and sketched their own bustling environment while reminiscing about their favorite places.

Through this cross-cultural experience with Kam Mak, the students developed an appreciation of both Chinese culture and their own surroundings. As Kam Mak recorded his life in Chinatown, this book collects the students’ writings and drawings of places in their own neighborhood.


4 thoughts on “New Student Book: Knowing Our Neighborhood

  1. That sounds like a wonderful experience. Were the kids interested in experiencing other neighborhoods, like Little Italy or Koreatown after walking through these neighborhoods?

    • Since the field trip was mostly about bringing the book to life for the students (showing them the places and experiences that appear in the book), we didn’t really talk about other neighborhoods in NYC. I think the kids were mostly interested in learning more about Chinatown and Kam Mak.

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