Celebrate Lunar New Year – check out these works from BtB students inspired by Kam Mak

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 3.21.10 PMOne unique feature of our programming here at BtB is the customization of  programs to fit the needs of each classroom we work with. Take the two third grade programs with author-illustrator Kam Mak: both used Kam Mak’s book My Chinatown: One Year in Poems as the foundation for the unit of study, but focused their study on different themes of the work, as reflected in the students’ final projects:

Chinatown, by Ms. Ramirez’s class, is a collection of poems and postcards about Chinese culture inspired by Mr. Mak’s visits to the classroom and a field trip to Chinatown. During the field trip, Mr. Mak and BtB took the class to visit the sites that inspired the poems and paintings in Mak’s book and to try dim sum!


Students learned how to use chopsticks!

Images from New York City, by Ms. Moncada’s class, celebrates the students’ immigrant heritage, as Mak celebrates his; students interviewed their parents about why they came to New York, what they missed about home, and what they first saw when they arrived. Both classes supplemented the work in which they were already engaged with creativity and exploration and the results are nothing short of stunning!

And congratulations to Kam Mak on his recent Daily News profile! In 2008 he was  by the US Postal Service to create 12 stamps, representing the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. This year’s design, celebrating the year of the rabbit, features a string of red firecrackers.


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