Last Day of our Hanky Panky Partnership!

Today is your final opportunity to support BtB by purchasing Hanky Panky Intimate Apparel!

For ten years, we’ve been working to bring innovative programming into high-need NYC public schools, and the student work speaks for itself. Our most recent program brought Not Afraid of Dogs author Susanna Pitzer into a 2nd grade special ed class at PS 46, where she taught the students about the parts of a story, the importance of illustration, and overcoming fears. Many of the students, like R’Meek, whose work is pictured below, had never painted before Susanna introduced them to watercolor. Once their creativity was unlocked, though, it was boundless. Their book is a physical affirmation of their potential as writers and illustrators. Please take a moment to shop Hanky Panky today, and help us bring inspiration to the students who need it most.

R’Meek’s evocative painting was done with watercolor and crayon


The students learned about the parts of a story.


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