Tonight is the Night!

Behind the Book’s 10th anniversary benefit is tonight, at Midtown Loft from 6:30 to 8:30! We are especially excited for a reading by Sherley Mejia of Harvey Milk High School, winner of BtB’s 2012 writing contest. Her winning submission, Shapeless, is a bold poem with an empowered narrator who refuses to cave under the pressure society puts on young women. We are proud to honor Sherley, and hear her unique voice tonight. Join us.

Shapeless by Sherley Majia

I feel like, they trying to box me in, purposely finding out what makes me tick,
And doing just that, derived from insecurity that is found with-in.
She said,
I wish I had something that set me apart, made me special.
But what she does not realize is, that is exactly what she got.
Grown up in an artificial, object-oriented world.
Where girls, are compared to Barbies.
Plastic toys, ’10 inch waist with matching plastic parts.
Society develops these prototypes on what a woman should be,
Unrealistic goals that one could meet,
But no, this is not what they see.
They see perfect role models, with perfect clothes and perfect lives.
Who’s only flaws, is being too rich, too pretty, but are always the right size.
They do not see the pain and the grief in these women’s eyes.
Justifying every wrong choice with pitiful excuses that are pathetic attempts to mask the shame.
The shame that comes from looking in the mirror daily, and being disgusted.
Is it worth it?
Is it worth not being able to look at oneself in the eye?
Not being able to hold your head high, with dignity and pride.
No, I will be the change, the change that I want to see in the world, the voice of reason
That every little girl looks up to. That every other mother could rely on to set an example.
Because this generation is to full of self-loathing girls rather than self-proficient women.
I will be just that, I will not allow them to corner me in a box.
No, I will be just that.

Year after year, BtB has brought high-quality authors and illustrators into classrooms to inspire a passion for literacy, and we rely on your support to continue creating readers for life.

Purchase your tickets here, now, and be a part of an organization working tirelessly to inspire the next generation.


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