Photo of the Week with Youme

After the craziness that was Hurricane Sandy, we’re finally able to post Youme’s photo of the week, which comes to you from… the jungle?

Florida certainly looks verdant and beautiful, and Youme gives not only book recommendations, but also an inspiring faith in your own power to create.

This is a picture of me holding up a mirror. The stories I love best are your stories, the ones you write, the ones you tell and the stories that you live. I can recommend life shaping picture books for me, such as, A Flower Pot Is Not a Hat ( but if I put it on my head it is) by Martha Moffet, illustrated by Susan Perl and Hubert the Caterpillar Who Thought He Was A Mustache by Wendy Stang and Susan Richards, pictures by Robert L. Anderson. I can recommend the worldview of the Moomin family by Tove Jannson, the heart of Walter Dean Myers and his son Christopher Myers, the power of Lac Su in his book, I Love Yous Are for White People, the cartoons of Walt Kelly, all of Virginia Hamilton, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, and beloved Thich Nhat Hanh.  I believe that one of the great things about stories is finding more than one.

But Behind the Book has asked for one recommendation and so I wholeheartedly endorse Your Story! Share it!

Be sure to check out the last Photo of the Week with Victor LaValle.  Happy Reading!


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