Law Firm Reading Series, Stop two: Sullivan and Cromwell with Amy Waldman

Over this summer, Behind the Book ran a series of three readings at three law firms to introduce the summer associates to some great authors and their books, but also to tell new people about what we do and raise a bit of funding. These law firm readings are very important to us and we’re very happy that we were able to do, not one, but three events this summer.  I posted an entry about the first reading at Kirkland Ellis with Jennifer Egan, yesterday and now it’s time to tell you about our second reading of the summer at Sullivan and Cromwell with Amy Waldman.

In a building that was so close to the tip of Manhattan that I could see the Statue of Liberty from the window of the conference room, Sullivan and Cromwell welcomed Amy Waldman, author of The Submission to read from her book.

Amy Waldman had been a journalist before a novelist, and as such, she chose an issue of social and political importance: The September 11th Memorial project.  While the memorial has long since been chosen, Ms Waldman said that she had been pondering the premise and plot of The Submission for a very long time, and the time and thought that she had put into her book was apparent from the excellent talk that she gave.  The excerpt that Amy Waldman read was alive with powerful tensions, and after reading she talked about her reasons for writing and the ethical dilemmas she liked to explore as she shaped the course of her novel.  The summer associates could not ask enough questions, and after the reading, I overheard some lively conversations from the table where Ms. Waldman was signing her books.

After discussing a book about the social and political implications of the September 11th memorial, it was fitting that the summer associates who had been at the reading went to visit the memorial itself. It almost like they were going on a field trip and you know how much we love field trips at Behind the Book.

A special thank you goes out to the Sullivan and Cromwell law firm and to Amy Waldman.  You guys are lovely people, and it was really fantastic to go to your reading.

Now, here’s that view of the Statue of Liberty I mentioned earlier. Enjoy!

If you’re reading this and your corporation or law office would like to hold a reading for a special group within your company, we would gladly run the same sort of event for you.


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