Law Firm Reading Series, Stop one: Kirkland Ellis with Jennifer Egan

Even when school is out for the summer, and the students have gone home, the summer law associates of New York’s law firms are still hard at work, and possibly looking for something to read.  So this summer, Behind the Book, organized and ran a series of three law firm readings, featuring three great writers for the summer associates of three major firms.  After running only one law firm reading for the past couple summers, this was a big step for us, because the readings are  an excellent way to raise awareness and funding for Behind the Book.  Not to mention, with great authors like Jennifer Egan, Amy Waldman and Jim Shepard, the readings were fascinating and fun every time.

As the intern charged with taking pictures of each event, I had the happy responsibility of going to all three and the privilege of hearing each author speak.  Each reading was an amazing experience that I am pleased to recount to you, in three installments over the next three days.

The first stop on this journey was at the offices of Kirkland Ellis where Jo and I met Jennifer Egan, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of A Visit From the Goon Squad.  In front of a full audience of sixty members of Kirkland’s Women’s Leadership Initiative, Ms. Egan read the first chapter from A Visit From the Goon Squad and took questions before signing copies of her book.

Jennifer Egan talks about her book A Visit From the Goon Squad

But really, it’s hard to describe whether A Visit From the Goon Squad is a book of chapters or short stories, as the chapters are each centered on a different character, with writing styles so diverse that there is even a chapter of Powerpoint slides.  That was cool.  And sure enough, Jennifer Egan took time to describe her experiments in style and medium in her writing process.  Ms. Egan was as charming as she was interesting.  She explained that she handwrites her work at first, just to put it down on paper before typing and revising it.  During the Q&A, as everyone sat enthralled, Ms. Egan talked about the nature and role of time and in her book.

Once more, we would just like to thank Kirkland Ellis LLP for holding the event and Jennifer Egan doing this excellent reading. As I mentioned before, we love to do events like this, where we can tell people about Behind the Book with the help of such talented people.

I’m going to end this post with the gorgeous view from the Kirkland office windows and a reminder: If you’re reading this and your corporation or law office would like to hold a reading for a special group within your company, we would gladly run the same sort of event for you.

Looking uptown from the Kirkland offices


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