Picture of the Week with Zetta Elliott

At Behind the Book, we know how important it is for students to connect with authors; we’ve seen how authors can inspire a child to read when they can come into a classroom and show the students the magic of reading.  But what do we do when school is out and there aren’t any classrooms for our authors to visit?

This week, we’re beginning a new feature on Pinterest and Facebook called Picture of the Week, where each week we’ll feature a Behind the Book author with one of their favorite children’s books. While it’s easy to forget about school over the summer, we hope this glimpse into authors’ lives and literary loves will keep kids inspired and reading!

This week’s featured author is the fantastic Zetta Elliott, author of Bird, with her childhood favorite…


“I was a huge fan of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novels when I was a child, but The Secret Garden was definitely my favorite. I even revisited the novel in high school for my sociology class–I remember arguing that Mary’s transformation proved that “nurture” was more important than “nature.” She wasn’t inherently bad or mean, but she was spoiled and unloved; over time her personality blossomed just like the roses she tended in the walled garden. As a child, I loved the idea of a girl finding the special key that unlocked a door that remained closed to everyone else. My love of gardens stems from this book (pun intended).” – Zetta Elliot


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