Ninth Ward Flash Fiction Day 3 of 3!

The final installment of Class 701’s flash fiction pieces on Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes is finally here!

We would like to thank all the student authors, who really put their hearts and minds into their writing, and Jewell, whose work was the inspiration for these pieces.  If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, please check out the previous two installments on Wednesday and Thursday, where you’ll find more pieces.

As always, we encourage you to comment and give great feedback to these student writers. Thanks for reading!

Jewell Parker Rhodes holds up her book Ninth Ward

The Big Moment

By Ashante

The sun was so hot; dogs can be turned into hot dogs!

I was waiting at the Ninth Ward dog park for Tashon. It seemed like I was waiting for the next generation to come! “Where is this boy? I called him millions of times” I wondered to myself. “I need to tell him something really important” I thought.

I had my dog Spirit, to keep me company.”Bark, bark” said Spirit. “What is it girl” I asked growing curious. All of a sudden, I heard loud footsteps in the bushes. I looked up and saw a man clad in a big fur vest with a black suit. He also had a red and brownish hat.

“This can’t be serious” I said hysterically.

“Well it is” said Tashon. “Is that you?” I asked feeling his coat.

“Yeah, why?” Tashon inquired.

“Just asking” I mumbled, looking annoyed. “I know I’ve been not waiting for this get-up” I thought to myself.

“What’s with all this?” I pried.

“Why, you don’t like it?” Tashon asserted while posing.

“Uh…. No” I declared rolling my eyes.

“I did this for you” Tashon added, sitting on the bench next to me.

“Why, I like you the way you were” I remarked.

“Oh, I didn’t know” Tashon said.

“I wanted to tell you at the right   time” I said, getting closer to Tashon. “I always wanted to say that I love you” I confessed.

“I too,” said Tashon, getting closer to me.

I leaned to him, and he leaned to me…. You should know what happen by now……


By Amanda

  It’s the beginning of the school year and Lanesha  was starting her first year of high school . Lanesha had high hopes and wanted to focus on her work so she can get into a good college. But something was getting in her way, her boyfriend Tashon . Tashon’s parents took Lanesha in after Hurricane Katrina . Tashon had a lot of love for Lanesha but he didn’t know how to show it. One day Tashon was trying to get Lanesha’s attention and said “ ayee yooo girl I’m talking to you !”

Lanesha’s response was  “I know you not talking to me like that”

he said “well you the only girl in here RIGHT !?!’’

Lanesha said “you know what I am sick and tired of you. We’re done !!” Lanesha stormed out the room and that was the last time Tashon saw or heard from Lanesha.

He Finally Answered

By Dynalee

It was one day when Lanesha and TaShon were at the cemetery for Mama Ya-Ya’s funeral anniversary. TaShon saw Lanesha holding some other man’s hand and he got jealous. He couldn’t stand seeing someone else with the woman he loved. He walked away from the cemetery. As he did that, Lanesha realized who he was. “Is that really TaShon?” she said silently to herself. Lanesha was shocked when she saw him. But she thought he didn’t feel the same way about her all these years. She dropped her boyfriend’s hand and went over to him. She really didn’t know what to say to him.

“TaShon?” He turned around slowly.

“Yes.” He said.

She replied, “Where are you going?” He didn’t say anything.

“Don’t leave, you should stay so we can catch up. How have you been?” she said while she put her hand gently on his shoulder.

He finally answered.“Umm…….there’s something I need to tell you but I don’t know how to tell you.”

Lanesha wondered what is. So she said, “Just tell me.” He didn’t answer. “Stop acting like that and just tell me,” she said. He started to get frustrated because he didn’t know how to tell her.

So he screamed, “I don’t know how to tell you!!!”

She responded, “whatever, now I don’t even care anymore.”

He didn’t say anything to her. He just left and went home upset. He couldn’t tell the love of his life that he truly loved her!!!

The Day I Was Gone

By Dawn

It was so cold that I could hug a warm bear.  It was a cold, windy day, the leaves were blowing off the trees. People were walking so fast, because it was about to rain. I was trying to call Tashon, but he never picked up.

A student shares his piece with the class

Tashon finally picks up. “why you didnt pick the phone?”

“well I doing something, it was more important than our date”.

“so what more than important than this day?”

He said “well I dont know”

Walking down the block I see Gina. “hey how it going ?”

I said “nothing, well I’m trying to get Tashon to confess.”

“About what?” Gina said.

“I asked him about our date, why he didn’t come, he didn’t say anything.” I started to walk away from Gina, started to wonder, why ‘I don’t know’, the question running through my head, TaShon don’t like me.”

Maybe it’s time for me to go and just leave it alone.

Games Are Good to Meet People

By Daniel

I got my new game Black Ops II for X-box 360 from Gamestop. I put the disc in the tray. I went on zombie mode and I went on a team with three other players. Their names were Tashon2real,Wolf fang 0,and Devil odxo. I had a headset to talk to everybody, everyone had a headset too.

I said ”let’s kill some zombies”

Tashon2real said ”you sound like a girl I knew in New Orleans ”

”I did too” I said

”let’s just start” said Wolf fang 0.

Devil odxo said ”zombies.” I threw a grenade at the zombies. I killed 3 zombies.

I said ”my name is Lanesha, is yours Tashon?”

”yes” said Tashon2real.

”Are you from the Ninth Ward?”

”Yes” said Tashon2real.

”Are you the Tashon from Hurricane Katrina that knew Mama Ya-Ya?”

” I am, are you Lanesha that can see spirts?”

”Yeah, you want to meet up somewhere?” ”I live in New York, Manhattan” said Tashon2real.

”I live in da Bronx”.

”do you want to meet in the Empire State Building on November 23?” said Tashon2real ‘

‘that is in two more days!”

”Yo watch it zombies behind you!” said Devil odxo.Wolf fang 0 and Devil odxo jumped over me and Tashon2real and killed 6 zombies.

” I’m getting eaten alive!”

“Me too!” Tashon2real said. Wolf fang 0 jumped to the mystery box, turned around and died.

“Devil odxo you can do it?” Devil odxo ran to the mystery box, got the thunder gun and shot most of the zombies, his gun ran out of ammo.

“There are more zombies behind you!” said Wolf fang 0. Devil odxo turned around and knifed a zombie seven times and died from the other zombies.

The Wrong Turn

By Jade

Like toddlers hating naps, TaShon was hating Lanesha for what she did. In TaShon’s mind it was Lanesha who was the one to let Mama Ya-Ya die.

“I really hope Lanesha doesn’t come. It’s because of her that Mama Ya-Ya is dead.”I thought to myself. As soon as she walked into the room I automatically went off on her.

“Why would you let Mama Ya-Ya die?”I screamed, everyone is looking at us now.

“You know that if I could save her I would.” explains Lanesha.

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear any more excuses, our friendship is over, and it is now a figment of my imagination.”

I left the reunion without a friend but as Mama Ya-Ya said “I still hold my tight grasp on life.”

A student holds up her signed copy of Ninth Ward. Jewell included a personalized message in each book.


7 thoughts on “Ninth Ward Flash Fiction Day 3 of 3!

  1. Amanda: The way Lanesha and TaShon were drifting apart in your story felt sad, but very real. The way you understand the characters is really lovely.

  2. Daniel: I really enjoyed the way you used a video game to bring TaShon and Lanesha together again. It’s cool that it could really happen today in the information age.

  3. As I’ve mentioned in my responses to the other two posts, every piece produced by this class has been fascinating to read given the context of Ninth Ward. You guys do an incredible job capturing how these characters changed, giving them new desires and fears and losses, in believable and human ways. This is lovely work, and though I don’t have time to comment on each individual piece, I hope you all continue to write, as a way to explore and speak to the world.

    Ashante, you have such a great sense of character! I found Lanesha’s voice hilarious and believable, especially when she was just thinking to herself in the beginning (that was a great first line). Love the outfit you gave Tashon as well as Lanesha’s reaction.

    Dynalee, your title is really interesting given how your piece ends. Throughout the piece, you create a very real sense of struggle in Tashon, between telling Lanesha his feelings, and sticking to a safer silence, which really explodes towards the end as he fails once again. I also love how gentle your portrayal of Lanesha was, which seems absolutely consistent with the Lanesha of Ninth Ward. This is a thoughtful and lovely extension of the book!


  4. Ashante,
    You have great comedic timing. What’s more though, your distinctive voice came through so strongly in this piece that I think I would be able to recognize it as yours any time. I hope you keep writing– you have a real gift!

    I really like the idea that Tashon’s family might have taken Lanesha in after they survived the hurricane. You give your readers a feeling for the back story here in a short amount of space, which is impressive. Nice work!

    What a believable piece you’ve written. I think you made an intelligent choice to place our characters at the cemetery for this chance meeting. Your piece is understated and empathetic towards the characters, which makes it all the more effective. Excellent job!

    What a great first line– you really hooked me with that vivid and unexpected description. It’s a sad piece, but I find Lanesha’s reaction to Tashon’s distant behavior to be mature, more adult. Sometimes when people disappoint us it’s about them, not us, and it is best just to let some things go. Insightful!

    Great, vivid description of the game! I feel as though I’m in the middle of this scene while reading it. A great concept, like one of your classmates, to have Lanesha and Tashon meet again in an online game. I’m left so curious though– did they actually meet up?! Great, suspenseful work!

    Another engaging and creative opening line. It’s very interesting how you’ve used that quote at the end, as if to say that cutting Lanesha out of his life has let Tashon feel that he has a tighter grasp on life. Do you think that sometimes keeping people in our lives that have hurt or disappointed us weakens us, our grasp on life? What intriguing ideas you’ve raised here. Excellent work– I’d love to see you keep writing.

    Thank you all so much, for the work you’ve put into these pieces and understanding my story. I’m amazed at how varied, insightful, and engaging your stories all are. You’ve really impressed me. I strongly hope that you each continue to write, to help you understand the world, to communicate with others, and inspire those who read your work, as you have inspired me.


    Jewell Parker Rhodes

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