Behind Brooklyn: Fun & Finds at the Behind the Book Scavenger Hunt

Map of the Scavenger Hunt route

The Behind Brooklyn scavenger hunt this Sunday was quite an adventure for all our explorers. Our intrepid participants journeyed from Fort Greene to Red Hook, bravely pressing onwards through rain and shine to visit each awesome bookstore, bar and landmark. Some teams won fabulous prizes for their creativity and scavenger prowess, but the journey itself was fun for everyone.

Let’s look at some of the highlights that were captured on camera…

We began the hunt to good music and cold beer at Der Schwarze Kolner Beer Garden, where teams registered with the very friendly Young Executives Board.

Our lovely young executive board!

Busy registration!

When we reached Dean Street, there were a few historic sites that we got to pay homage to. At the old home of Isaac Asimov (author of I, Robot) we got in touch with our inner robot, breaking out some sweet moves on the sidewalk.

Staci and Sasha, doing the robot for extra points.

The game got more intense at Book Court when we had to find four scavenger hunt cards behind, in between and under books. One successful player proudly holds up the cards she found between copies of the new Maurice Sendak book. Another uncovers some more beneath the Helmut Newton suitcase.

Hunting down the cards at Book Court

BtheB staff Mica and Silver, stationed at Book Court

After a quick break for beer at Gowanus Yacht Club, it was time to hop on the Subway to go to Dumbo.

Jo and Sasha outside the Gowanus Yacht Club

Beautiful views from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

At the very end of the scavenger hunt, we finished at Freebird Books and Goods, where we had a party on the back patio for everyone involved. After traversing Brooklyn, it was great to be able to sit down and talk about the day with our friends and teammates.

At the afterparty on Freebird’s patio

Author Ben Greenman used his expertise as an artist to determine and announce the winners of the creative challenges in the scavenger hunt, while everyone relaxed with free food, and beers courtesy of The Brooklyn Brewery. Local indie band, Grandlake Islands, kindly played for us.

Ben Greenman announcing the winners

The winning team!

The talented Brooklyn band, Grand Lake Islands, playing for us

Thank you to all our wonderful Event Sponsors, who hosted, donated prizes, and made it possible: Der Schwarze Kolner Beer Garden, Freebird Books & Goods, Idlewild Books, PS Bookshop, Book Court, Greenlight Bookstore, Gowanus Yacht Club, Alma Restaurant, Midnight Chef Cookies, Water Street Restaurant & Lounge, Chelsea Piers, Waterfront Wines & Spirits,Brooklyn Industries, New York Beer Company. Thanks to The Brooklyn Brewery for the great beer, Grandlake Islands for their beautiful music, and Lisa Marie Anastasio for her graphics art contribution.

And of course, a shout-out to our fabulous Young Executive Board members, who painstakingly planned out the route and organized the event, and many thanks to everyone who came out to support Behind the Book!


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