More Students Opine on Kindle vs. Book Question

Behind the Book is testing out kindles in a classroom and we’re asking our students to let us know what they think.  Below are six students’ opinions (more student responses here).

Do you have a Kindle?   Which do you prefer:  Kindle or books?  Join the discussion. Leave your comments and questions for students in the comments section.

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By Mehrab C.

I loved the book “Ninth Ward” because it had a lot of action, details, and also it was intense. For example, when there was a big flood after Hurricane Katrina and Lanesha, Mama Yaya, and Spot were stuck in the attic.

I prefer the book instead of the Kindle because the Kindle is complicated. It’s also difficult and takes a lot of time to flip to the right page.

Loved the Book, Prefer the Kindle

By Melvin R.

I loved the book “NINTH WARD” because it showed me that you never have to give up, even in the last moments.

I prefer reading the book “NINTH WARD” on the Kindle because I didn’t have to flip the pages. Also, the Kindle is smaller and you can hold it in your hands easily and the Kindle allows me to search for words that I don’t understand.

Books are Easier

By Dynalee A.

I enjoyed the book “Ninth Ward” because in the story it gave a lot of detail about what was happening during and after the hurricane. In the book “Ninth Ward” I liked how Lanesha explained and gave details about TaShon’s facial expressions, and how he probably felt lonely. I also liked the way the author described MamaYa-Ya’s   passing away. Lanesha was explaining to the reader how she was feeling and what was happening around her.

I would rather use the book than the Kindle because using the Kindle is more work and I had trouble with the buttons. Also, it took a while to find the correct page, so I felt like the book was much easier to use.

Magnificent Experience

By Taylar B.

I idolized the book “Ninth Ward” by Jewell Parker Rhodes because of the description of the setting, and the love between Mama Ya-Ya and Laneasha. I even cherished how Laneasha was the same age as me and went through all those struggles. Especially watching Mama Ya-Ya die right in front of her eyes and surviving the flood with Tashon!

I prefer the book over the Kindle because you have to press a button just to turn the pages when you could just turn the pages yourself when reading a book. The overall experience was magnificent!


3 thoughts on “More Students Opine on Kindle vs. Book Question

  1. I love your comments! I like books because of the way they feel and because it is easy to find your place, since the pages have numbers. I like the Kindle because it is light (some books can be pretty heavy to carry around), because you can change the size of the type (I wear glasses…so making the type-size larger is easier on my eyes), and because – as many of you mentioned – of the dictionary.

  2. Taylar, I’m with you in the pro-Kindle camp. I have an older Kindle and, maybe because I’ve had it forever, I know *exactly* when to push the button as I get to the end of the page so that it will turn precisely when I am done reading the last word on the screen. Every so often I mistime the page flip and then I have to flip back and then forward again, so when that happens I make an effort to use a different thumb because really, I don’t want my one thumb to be all muscular while the other one is spindly. Which is to say, reading is finally exercise, too!

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