The Kindle Debate Continues

Behind the Book is testing out kindles in a classroom and we’re asking our students to let us know what they think.  Below are six students’ opinions (more student responses here).

Do you have a Kindle?   Which do you prefer:  Kindle or books?  Join the discussion. Leave your comments and questions for students in the comments section.

Cherish the Book

By Kashada H.

I cherish the book ”Ninth Ward” because it has great details about the setting, especially when it came to the hurricane part of the novel. I also admire that the novel gives descriptive details about how Lanesha and MaMa-YaYa could see ghosts. The author used descriptive characterization of what ghosts do and what they looked like.
I prefer to read the book ”Ninth Ward” by Jewell Parker Rhodes rather than reading it on the Kindle because if you are reading in a group and you are reading with a Kindle, the page structure was different. It would be complicated to read the same paragraphs at the same time. When a group is reading together with the book, the paragraphs are all the same. Although reading with a Kindle was a fun experience, I like reading the book.

Simply Kindle

By Sayeda H.

This book,” Ninth Ward” by Jewell Parker Rhodes was amazing.I read this book with excitement and enthusiasm.My favorite thing about the book is all the life lessons that comes out through the book.Its immense amount of details and descriptions kept me on my toes to finish the book!

I prefer reading on the Kindle rather than reading on the book because you didn’t have to flip through any pages and there was just a simple pleasure reading on the Kindle.Its features such as highlighting, taking notes and a built in dictionary was very convenient.However, there was a downside to reading on the Kindle. Its case was much too big. I had to take the Kindle out the case to read the book. Overall the book was fantastic and reading the book on the kindle made it seem more pleasant.
Kindle Saves the Page!
By Kendell  S.

I enjoyed reading the book “Ninth Ward” by Jewell Parker Rhodes because it has a lot of details. For example, the novel provides many metaphors and descriptions of the scene when the hurricane hit.  Also, I liked the book “Ninth Ward” because it was not boring. When I read the book it gave me more energy, just like the hurricane.

I prefer reading the Kindle rather than the book because with the book, you lose your page but with the Kindle it saves the page for you. Also, I prefer the Kindle better than the book because when I hold the book in my arms get tired. By contrast, the Kindle is small and light so when I hold the Kindle my arms don’t hurt. I really like the Kindle better than the book.

Page Numbers are Important

By Daniel M.

I loved the book ”Ninth Ward”, by Jewel Parker Rhodes. The part I liked was when Lanesha and Tashon were experiencing Hurricane Katrina, I also liked how she put a lot of details when Lanesha and Tashon were in the flood , it was liked I was there! I also liked how the author described how Tashon and Lanesha got on the roof.

I liked reading the book over reading the Kindle because the book has page numbers and the Kindle does not. You can loose where you left off reading.I liked reading the book over reading on the Kindle.

Keeping up with the Kindle

By Dantay R.

I enjoyed the book”‘Ninth Ward” because courage is the key to survival. Tashon,Lanesha and  Spot survived Hurricane Katrina.

I liked reading the book more than reading on the Kindle because the book is easier to read and the Kindle is complicated to change the pages,and keep up while the teacher is reading.

Kindle Headache

By Josh B.

I enjoyed the book “Ninth Ward.” It showed a lot of action in the middle of the plot. It describes in detail the impact of the hurricane on the people who lived during Hurricane Katrina. I can relate to Lanesha because we are both similar in age.
I prefer reading the book rather than on the Kindle because the Kindle is too complicated. On the Kindle, the side buttons are a headache. One slight touch or press, the page will change. It gets me annoyed.


5 thoughts on “The Kindle Debate Continues

  1. @Kashada, Sayeda, and Kendell: It’s great that you all noticed and appreciated the vivid details and descriptions in the story! I love when I’m reading a book and I can really picture in my mind what the author is describing.

  2. @Kashada: You make a great point about the benefits of reading in a group. It is certainly important for everyone to be on the same page and for everyone in the group to experience the book in the same way!
    @Sayeda:I’m glad to hear that you were so captivated by the novel! You make great points about the benefits of reading on a Kindle. You have made me re-think my own opinions about the Kindle.
    @Kendell:The title to your post is incredibly clever! I also agree with Mica when she said that your comparison of energy to a hurricane provides incredibly effective imagery.
    @Daniel: It seems as if you did a really great job at getting inside of the book–especially if you felt as if you were actually in the flood. I agree with the benefits of reading a book. I might suggest that another one to add to your list is feeling the actual weight of the book in your hands and flipping through the pages. Great post!
    @Dantay: You have uncovered an essential theme of the novel–courage. Good job! This takes very close reading and attention.
    @Josh: You make a great point that the complicated nature of the Kindle can often get in the way of the simplicity of a book. When reading you can only focus on so many things! I’m glad that, despite all of this, you were able to find a friend in the character Lanesha.

  3. Kendell, I am so glad to hear I’m not the only one who finds reading from a Kindle easier physically. I like to read during my commute to work and I find it SO much more comfortable to hold my Kindle (or my phone) than to try to maneuver a big heavy book with pages all flopping around. No more cramps in my pinky finger from trying to hold a thick book open; no more worries about not being able to hold my heavy book up with one hand while I’m holding on to the subway rails with the other! Team Kindle for me. 🙂

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