Mobile Library for Library-less School

In one of our schools we’ve created a Behind the Book Mobile Library that can travel to different classrooms.


Community Health Academy of the Heights (CHAH) does not have a library, nor does it have space for a library.  Many of you know that every book a student reads through our program is his or hers to keep.  This is a central part of our strategy to engage students in reading. But you may not know that we also donate books to the school library.

Donating additional books to school libraries is an important part of our program model because it gives students access to other engaging books.   When, after a program, a student is motivated to read another book, we want to make books easily accessible to them. This is essential to sustaining the reading engagement generated by our programs.

In elementary schools, when the school doesn’t have a library, we donate books to the classroom library.  This works well because elementary school students are always in the same classroom.  Middle and high school students, however, take classes in a number of different classrooms that must house textbooks and supplies and often don’t have room for a small library.

Because we believe that giving students access to books is an essential part of maintaining the excitement our programs have generated, we created a mobile library for CHAH, which is essentially a library cart that can travel around the school to any classroom, office or hallway where it’s needed.


The Mobile Library houses copies of books by the authors who come to the school, copies of the anthologies written by CHAH students and other books hand-picked by Behind the Book for this population of students.

Students can sign out books using our library log.  The Hunger Games craze did not bypass this group of teenagers!


We’d like to thank our partners in this initiative, Columbia University Libraries, which sponsored the cart and ReadThis which donated a portion of the books.  Great partnerships yield great results!


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