Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, we’d like to share with all of you an excerpt from a 2nd grade student book entitled The Super Squad.

The cover for the book The Super Squad.

The students authors worked with Marc Tauss, author-photographer of Superhero, after reading his book.

The dedication page for the book The Super Squad.

Following a discussion on superheroes, powers, world problems and solutions, students got to work on creating a superhero persona for themselves.  They wrote character profiles and stories featuring themselves as superheroes and designed their own superhero costume.  The Super Squad features all their stories along with photographs of the young authors as regular citizens and as superheroes.

Water Girl seemed like the perfect one to profile on Earth Day:

  My superhero name is Water Girl.  I have the power to walk on water, speak to water animals, shot water, super strength, and super speed.  I can clean the ocean.  I can warn the sea animals if a predator is coming, I can pick up 91, 298 people at the same time.

          The environmental problem I will solve is to stop people from dumping garbage into the ocean.  I can use my walk on water power to stop the person or boat from dumping garbage into the ocean.  I will sneak up on him or her.  They’ll be surprised.  I’ll capture them.

          I’m a good and brave superhero.  I like to help people.  Also they like to be saved.  I like being a superhero.  The people I save are very happy.  There my biggest fans better than any other superhero.  I like my fans too.

Earth Day is this Sunday 4/22/12.  Check out some Earth Day activities here.

See more pictures from the Marc Tauss program, here.


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