Because we care about the young folk

Hello everyone! We’ve been away a while, but we’ve been hard at work. Our Young Executive Board, particularly, has been stirring things up.

The Young Executive Board in a breakfast meeting

Grown to a robust 14 members since its creation last fall, the YEB is a bright and eclectic group of young professionals in diverse fields, all of whom have one thing in common: their commitment to education. We’ve got folks in publishing, advertising, and finance, lawyers, students, and teachers: all investing time and energy to further Behind the Book’s mission to produce more readers.

The group was formed as an effort to bring young people into our fold, and to infuse Behind the Book’s work with a fresh energy. So far, they are doing wonderful work with networking, diversifying individual giving, creating corporate awareness, and organizing new fund-raising efforts, such as the upcoming Spoken Word and Music Benefit “Speaking Volumes.”

Board members Casey Cornelius and Muffie Meyers are enthusiastic about the YEB

Our Executive Director, Jo Umans, is particularly excited about the YEB. “I’ve always thought having a young group of stakeholders was going to be important to the growth of the organization,” she says. ” I’m very excited to see that we’ve put together a dedicated group of passionate, smart people who care deeply about education and want to work hard for our mission.  They have the skills we need to help take us to the next level and I have full confidence that they’ll be successful.”

But come to our Spoken Word Benefit and see for yourself!


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